COVID 19 Face Mask

With the current state of COVID 19, STUDIO 93 has taken the initiative to diversify our product range and resources into producing reusable and washable fabric face mask.

Reusable Fabric Face Mask

With the knowledge we have acquired through experience, we have designed and produced a face mask that is sustainable whilst contributing to social responsibility.  

Our mask are fully lined with a slit opening for insertion of a PM 2.5 carbon filter. 

Each mask comes with a 5 Ply Carbon Protective Filter. 

Wearing a fabric mask WITHOUT a PM 2.5 removable filter will help with filtration as fabrics, do not have effective carbon filters for capturing micro-particle.

The Pm 2.5 Carbon Protective Filter eliminates smoke from burning of fires, outdoor air pollutants, distribution of chemicals, industrial and agricultural emissions.

Product Information

Fabric & Material

Structure & Dimensions

Structure & Dimensions

Reusable and Washable

 Fabric Face Mask

Eco Friendly 

Cotton Polyester Blend Fabric 

(Water Repellant)

100% Cotton Lining 

(Soft Muslin Cotton)

Structure & Dimensions

Structure & Dimensions

Structure & Dimensions

Slit Opening Insert for 5 Ply PM 2.5 Carbon Protective Filter

Elastic Ear Loops, stretches with ease for comfort 

In-sewn metal nose wire clip for better comfort and structure, adjustable for a better secure fit on the nose bridge


Structure & Dimensions

5 Ply PM 2.5 Carbon Filter

Adult Size


Width across- 8.5" 

Length vertically - 6.5" 

Slit opening- 3"

5 Ply PM 2.5 Carbon Filter

5 Ply PM 2.5 Carbon Filter

5 Ply PM 2.5 Carbon Filter

Adults Size

N95 Certified Standard, 5 Ply of protective layers

PM 2.5 filters out smoke, haze, dust and other small fine particles

Wash & Care

5 Ply PM 2.5 Carbon Filter

Wash & Care

Filters are recommended to be replaced once a week

Remove the filter before washing 

Wash with mild detergent, three times a week

Washing Machine and Dryer Safe

Iron on low - medium setting 


5 Ply PM 2.5 Carbon Filter

Wash & Care

Each mask comes with 1 carbon filter 

Packed individually in transparent poly bags

#19-001 (Adults)


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